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7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health

Our society faces an epidemic because over half of Americans live with a chronic illness and a third suffer from obesity. Does your health or weight impede you from having a healthy, bountiful life? If yes, the seven steps outlined in this article will help you improve your energy level, clarity of mind, and lose weight naturally.

What caused this epidemic? I believe it is the foodlike substances that manufacturers entice us to eat. Instead, we need to eat the foods God created for humans. God gave you a glorious body that is programmed to heal itself if you provide it with the proper nutrition he intended.

Step 1. Decide to improve your health through proper nutrition.

The decision to improve your health and well-being is very personal. No one can make this decision for you, it is your choice. But I hope you will choose to improve your health by changing what you eat.

Step 2. Acquire knowledge to help make a lifestyle change.

Learning which foods are harmful versus beneficial is crucial in sorting out what you should eat. For example, most oat, soy, corn, and wheat crops in the US are GMO Roundup Ready crops whereby the carcinogen, glyphosate (an active ingredient in Roundup) is used on the crops as the farmer deems necessary. Therefore, you could consume glyphosate residue if you eat foods containing these ingredients unless they are organic.

Sweets and refined carbohydrates are addictive and harmful to the human body. The food industries spike our foods with sugar, and this causes us to become addicted. In addition, as the whole food is processed it is stripped of its nutritional value to extend its shelf life which increases the food industries profits but depletes our health.

Step 3: Clean out the pantry and refrigerator by removing unhealthy foods.

Remove unhealthy foods from your kitchen, so you are not tempted to eat them. Some unhealthy foods include wheat, sugar, corn syrup, white rice, artificial sweeteners, processed meats, processed foods, margarine, milk products, and soft drinks.

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