Inspiring Others to Improve Their Health

Family Connection Time

Family Connection Time

While traveling with my family over the holidays I came up with an inspiring bonding and self-improvement idea. I asked each member of my family to tell me two positive things about myself and one area where I could improve. I was fascinated with their responses.

One child said they were proud of me for daring to take the risk to change my career and become a Christian author. To tag along with that feedback, another daughter looked up to me for learning new skills and applying them. My college-aged daughter thanked me for not being an overbearing mom but instead one who instilled confidence in her children.

It was inspiring to get their feedback about my positive traits, and the areas where I could improve were just as encouraging. One person suggested that I keep my writing material in my office and not in the middle of the living room or on the dining room table. I thought this was an excellent suggestion and would help keep the house tidy. Another person suggested I be more open to their opinions as they are moving from a teenager to an adult. This suggestion seemed perfectly timed as my children were transitioning out of the house to college and one was graduating from college. They have their own opinions and beliefs, and I should respect them. I raised them for the Lord, and if I don’t agree with their decisions I will pray for them.

Subsequently, all the members of my family chose to have everyone share two pieces of encouragement as well as one constructive comment. It was a fantastic opportunity to understand how each of us looked up to one another and offered simple suggestions for self-improvement. Would this family bonding opportunity be something you could use to connect on a deeper level with your family members?