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Janet Thompson Blog: Eat Your Way to Health

Janet Thompson Blog: Eat Your Way to Health

I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day weekend as we honor and remember the veterans who died fighting for our freedoms that we enjoy today. We must continue to pray that no one takes away from us those freedoms of life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL human beings from the day of conception until the day we depart this earth for our eternal life. For Christians, that means Heaven; for those who have not made Jesus their Lord and Savior, it means an eternity of separation from Jesus. None of us want that for ourselves or anyone we know.

Since I hoped you would all be enjoying the holiday Monday and not on your computers or phones, I saved this informative blog to go out on Tuesday this week rather than my typical Monday Morning Blog.

Susan Neal is our guest blogger today as she gives us tips and reminders of how God designed our bodies to eat the food He created, not food man created in a factory. I know you’ll appreciate her personal testimony of how what we eat can maintain and restore health or destroy it.

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