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What’s Wrong with Wheat?

What’s Wrong with Wheat?

Today’s post is written by author Susan Neal who will be making an appearance on my podcast The Segilola Salami Show. In this post, Susan talks about what’s wrong with wheat, in her opinion, and what she feels you can do for the betterment of your health. Happy reading!

For centuries, people flourished by consuming bread. Nevertheless, the problem with wheat is that it is not the same today as it was one hundred years ago. Most people have no idea that wheat has been bred to the point the body thinks of it as a foreign substance. This is from hybridization. Eliminate wheat because it is addictive and the human body has difficulty digesting the gluten.

Today, grocery stores and restaurants make nongluten food choices readily available. Why has gluten sensitivity skyrocketed? Fifty years ago, sensitivity to gluten was rare. I believe it is because the human body cannot proficiently digest the gluten in wheat the way it is hybridized now.

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